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We all know how dangerous asbestos can be. As well as lung cancer & asbestosis, it can cause a whole range of health issues. But how do you know if there is asbestos in your property? Often a visual inspection simply isn’t enough to determine if this hazardous material has been used. At Asbestos Transport Ltd., we are on hand to help. We supply independent asbestos survey reports, meaning you are getting a professional.

These experts have the knowledge and the right equipment to thoroughly check your property and ensure it is asbestos free.

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Who might need an asbestos survey?

There are many people who may need a survey, those buying a new home, somebody looking to invest in a business property etc.

What if you find asbestos in my property?

Although asbestos is extremely hazardous, it is not unmanageable when handled correctly. Once you have received your full report with details outlining what type was found, where it is located etc., we can offer you a quote for removal. Our main priority is that the building is safe and poses no threat to anybody.

All our staff are fully experienced and trained in this area. We look after everything from removal to packaging, transport and disposal.