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Any asbestos removed from your property is classified as hazardous material, due to the health risks it poses. This is not just limited to the asbestos itself, but any other materials it may have contaminated, such as building materials, tools and even protective clothing. When it comes to asbestos, we never take any risks. We know how dangerous it can be and we ensure that everything is disposed of correctly.

At Asbestos Transport Ltd. we aim to create a safe living and working environment for our clients. We know how harmful this can be and we are on hand to offer practical advice and solutions. Once your asbestos is ready to be moved, we look after all the wrapping and packaging, ensuring it is completely sealed. Once this has passed all our rigorous checks, we are then ready to move.
We hold a waste collection permit, which allows us to dispose of asbestos. It also shows that we have met certain criteria and are considered experts in this area.

If you have asbestos that requires our expert handling and disposal, simply call us today. All our staff are fully trained and experienced in this area. If you have any questions, simply call us today.

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Asbestos can cause fatal disease, including lung cancer. Never handle asbestos yourself – always call the professionals.